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    Ascension Global Marketing
    We revolutionize investments through education
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    Asia Markets Focus
    Asia is the biggest region of opportunities for investments
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    Two Prong Approach
    We cover both digital and physical assets

About Us

Ascension Global Marketing is the world’s marketing firm in bringing both digital and traditional assets via exclusive channels to our clients.

With a focus on meaningful projects, Quantinium, the convertible token will link and redeem assets of many classes that gives choices for our clients to match their needs.

Ascension Ventures Academy, an academy focus on financial literacy and education, aims to be the guiding light for our clients to further enhance their investment portfolio through our wide range of courses, ranging from finance, investments, blockchain, property and self-development courses.



First of its Kind, investment option token


A two-pronged approach to investment in digital assets and traditional assets


Product choices available for selection

Main Highlights


Clear and Simple investment mechanism


Value pegs to the US dollar


Investment products from exclusive channels

Symbol QTN
Total Supply 10 Billion
Blockchain Technology NXT

The Quantinium Concept

Why Quantinium?

Since 2008, bitcoin has been around for almost 11 years and the adoption rate is still consider in the early stages.

For being in the early stages, the cryptocurrency market cap is now worth $267 Billion as of 15th Jul 2019, which we believe is just tip of the iceberg.

Quantinium aims to penetrate into the rest of the market, accounts to 90% of the world’s population, while at the same time offering traditional financial assets to the market.

Our Strategic Partner: Coalculus

Aims to be the new Ripple/Ethereum Hybrid Blockchain for Today’s Businesses and Governments.



Coalculus is on a mission to end financial exclusion. We build open-source financial infrastructure and bring cutting-edge digital payments and innovative digital financial assets to governments, banks and end users. Coalculus is a convergence of Public and Private Blockchains developed on the simple idea that organizations should be able to easily implement new financial services and acquire all the benefits of blockchain in the least amount of time needed.

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